Gift to your best friend

Gift to your best friend

Gift for the best friend

What can you buy as a gift for your best friend?

Yes, even if it is not your closest friend for whom you will buy a gift, but a common friend, there is nothing wrong with a little inspiration! Maybe you haven't gotten to know each other very well yet, but you still want to show appreciation for your friend. But what exactly is a gift that symbolizes friendship and how do you find it? Bonbona helps you in your gift hunt, below you will find many suggestions for gifts for friends. We almost dare to promise that you will find a gift for your best friend here.
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What is your friend's personality?

Many people prefer to choose a gift based on the personality of the recipient, and we have many different categories that you can start from. We hope you find a personalized gift for your best friend that will be a fun and different surprise for them!

According to one of the most famous personality tests in the world, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), there are 16 personalities. At Bonbona, everyone is welcome, even if there were 160 personalities - everyone can fit under our roof!

Does your friend have a quirky personality or odd interests?

Perfect - then you have something very concrete to support your gift search! Before jumping into the gift jungle, it's time to think about what your friend likes and dislikes, if there's something special your friend likes to do in their free time, or if your friend excels in some other way.

Gift for your friend who is good in the kitchen

With a shudder, you remember that nasty lasagna you bravely munched the last time your friend invited you over for dinner. Well, your friend might not be a natural in the kitchen, but on the other hand, it gives you a perfect opportunity to sneak in a smart kitchen gadget as a gift! In the Kitchen category, you'll find fun and diverse cookware that makes cooking easier for budding chefs and seasoned cooks alike.

Does your friend need a little help in the kitchen? With our equipment, nothing can go wrong🍳

Gift for the friend who really needs to relax

We all know someone who is constantly reaching for full glasses. It's chaos at work, lots of balls in the air and fast pace in everyday life. The mere thought of keeping up that pace for more than a quarter of an hour stresses you out – isn't it time your friend relaxed a bit? Find gift ideas among our products that offer "smart wellness" with relaxation, massage and well-being in focus!

The bouncy gift for the friend who needs to play

They say age is just a number, and it sure is! Your playful friend runs around like a kid on Christmas Eve, whether it's a movie night, a beach getaway or a house party, and we're sure to have the gifts that will make your quirky friend really happy ! We offer simply fun gifts for anyone who needs to play - regardless of age! I bet you'll find the perfect gift for your bubbly friend here?!

What's better than a fan to cool off on a hot day 🥵

Gift for the friend who is always in the freezer

It's one thing to freeze in the middle of the coldest winter, but your friend really is always freezing, regardless of the season and temperature! If you're also tired of borrowing your jacket on date night, your fleece on game night, and your blanket when there's a movie marathon, it's time to gift a blanket to your shivering friend! This is just a really attractive blanket with sleeves that provides nice warmth!

Last minute gift for a friend

Are you out at the last minute? Don't worry, we've all been there - Bonbona offers gift wrapping and seamless home delivery so that last minute gift for a friend shows up at the recipient's place in time. Use home delivery directly to the recipient if you don't have time to deliver the gift yourself and don't want to deliver the gift to yourself first. We offer home delivery in cooperation with TNT Albania.

Cheap gift for a friend

Don't have a big budget for a gift for your friend? Don't worry, we'll take care of it! We have gifts in several price categories, perfect if, for example, you are looking for an inexpensive gift for a friend or loved one.

How much money do you want to invest?

Max LEK 1000
Max LEK 2000
Max LEK 3000
Max LEK 5000

Gift based on age

If it's a birthday present for your best friend you're looking for, we have a couple of pages that can help you on your way. Of course you should celebrate your best friend a little extra when they have a birthday. We at Coolstuff say congratulations, best friend!

How old is your friend? We have gifts for everything from children to those turning 60 years old. Check out the gadgets that go well with your best friend.

Gift based on gender

If it's a birthday gift for your best friend you're looking for, we have a few sites that can help you on your way. Of course you should celebrate your best friend a little more when they have a birthday. We at Bonbona say congratulations, best friend!

What is friendship?

While we're on the subject, what is friendship anyway? How can we define it? Can we start by saying that a friend has to be kind to you to qualify here? A good friend should also be honest, so if, against all odds, you give your friend a gift they don't like, they should be able to say so too. Loyalty is also important, so your best friend will protect you in detail - so the next time it's time to show appreciation, you can certainly hope for a gift of friendship in return. And you, if you end up being enemies, you can always give your friend a bad gift!

What are you looking for? We have it!

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