Gift for Children

3D Print Space Shuttle Lamp


The moonlight made with 3D printing technology represents a realistic rocket launch form, the surface of the rocket lamp is very close to the rocket launch stage, which means that you experience the moment when the rocket is launched.It is a really cool decoration that fits in the living room, bedroom or children's room.

Baby Water Cup


This product is made of BPA & BPS free and non toxic material which is safe for humans & environment. The tritan material is high transparency and easy to clean. The product can be used by small and older children!

Bedside Night Lamp With Timer


Night lamp with timer! It has a very high sensitivity, tap or pinch the lamp to light up. The lamp has a soft lighting that not irritate your babies eye or disturb the sleep! The lamp is made of soft silicone material which makes it comfortable to touch.

Bubble Machine Blaster


Blow out hundreds of colorful bubbles per minute. Innovative bubble guns design and colorful bubbles also cater to the children’s preferences and catch their attention.

Bubble Machine Camera


The kid-friendly bubble blower designed in charming animal shape appeals to kids of all ages. Keep pressing the button on top of the product to start blowing bubbles automatically. Make everyday life more fun for the kids with this fantastic bubble blower!

Children’s Toilet Seat


Our toddler toilet seat with its 4 anti-slip rubber strips and adjustable leaver fixing is really safe to use as it helps to hold the potty seat once placed on toilet pan and it prevents from moving away which adds more security as compare to regular toilet seat. This kid’s potty trainer is truly safe as it made of Non-toxic and Odorless PP material.

CMY Cube


CMY cube is a translucent acrylic cube with cyan, magenta, and yellow on each surface. As the angle is changed, the light through the cube mixes into green, red, blue, etc. When all three colors are mixed from the corner, you can see the most colors and a smaller cube is created inside the cube, which definitely blows everyone's minds.

Dancing Cactus


A fun mimicking talking cactus can dance to the beat, sing, move and spin. Perfect accessories for home decoration and fun moments are provided with the children.

Frozen Girls Dress


This Elsa dress for girls is a magnificent gown befitting the Frozen queen! This ice-blue creation with long, sheer sleeves shines just like the magic of winter. Its sequin-covered bodice, cape, and train are simply majestic. It sweeps behind as you stroll confidently through the ice palace!

Hand Painted Ceramic Mug


Are you looking for a unique mug? If so, please check here! This cute mug is made of quality ceramic material which is comfortable for the sense of touch,  it is durable, and easy to clean. This mug can be used as gifts to family and friends, it’s unique design makes your gift more special. We’re sure their eyes will light up when they receive their wonderful gift! And than enjoy your coffee with friends and loved ones by making use of this unique hand-painted animal mug.

Huge Giraffe Plush Toys


Giant giraffe plush toy. Averrable in several different sizes: 35cm, 50cm, 60cm, 80cm, 100cm, 120cm.

Piggy Bank ATM


The traditional piggy bank is and will always be a great idea but it is sadly past its prime. It has tremendously helped the older generation to learn the value of money in their time but for the latest generation, it may not hold that much prestige anymore. Kids of today are geared toward the futuristic concept of a cashless society so it is only right to provide them with the knowledge they would need to live in that so-called society. This is why getting them the Electronic Piggy Bank is the best we can do right now to provide them with the proper grounding.