Gift for Grandmother & Grandfather

Cute Cat KeyChain


Super cute cat keychain! The cat's neck can turn! The round face and big curious eyes seem to be able to speak! The slightly raised little head looks at you mischievously! Can't bear to let go. Let your key have an ‘administrator’ from now on! Even as a bag ornament, it is quite eye-catching! Meow's head can be rotated 360 degrees freely!

Hand Painted Ceramic Mug


Are you looking for a unique mug? If so, please check here! This cute mug is made of quality ceramic material which is comfortable for the sense of touch,  it is durable, and easy to clean. This mug can be used as gifts to family and friends, it’s unique design makes your gift more special. We’re sure their eyes will light up when they receive their wonderful gift! And than enjoy your coffee with friends and loved ones by making use of this unique hand-painted animal mug.

Heart – Shaped Mug


These gorgeous heart-shaped tea cups are perfect for your organic teas! The drink cooked in this glass has a beautiful visual effect. This is due to the double, clear glass.The double-walled and insulated cups ensure that you can enjoy both hot and cold brews with ease!

Mini Massager – Muscle Vibration Gun


The Mini Muscle Gun is a portable and compact massage gun. Although the massage gun is small and lightweight, it is effective with maximum speed that reach 1600-3200 blows per minute. Tuck it into your pocket and hit the road!

Natural Bamboo Toothbrush Set


Bamboo toothbrushes are made with the finest Mao bamboo, which is biodegradable and durable. All our packaging is 100% biodegradable and compostable. The handle is reusable in arts and crafts, you can decorate the toothbrush handles according to your wishes or use it for garden plants. [Safe bristles] The bamboo toothbrushes are made of high quality nylon, medium solid bristles completely free of BPA which can not only effectively clean the teeth, but also reduce irritation on sensitive gums and make the teeth stronger perfect to remove all plaque from the teeth.

Nordic Ceramic Vase


Minimalist stylish vase of hollow round shape. The vase is a simple and clean way of bringing a touch of elegance, refinement and propriety to your house.

Portable Electric Juice Blender


Enjoy Delicious Smoothies Anytime and Anywhere! Do you love drinking fruit shakes but hate the process of making one using traditional bulky blenders? The new Portable Blender makes it quick and easy! Create endless possible recipes for yummy beverages even if you're short on time. Perfect for busy individuals who wish to incorporate healthier drinks into their diet without compromising effort and their schedule.

Retro Bluetooth Speaker


A very classic speaker. This retro bluetooth speaker is perfect for handbag. It can also be used as a home decor that brings a touch of cuteness refinement and propriety to your house.

Retro Wooden Wireless Mini Speaker


This vintage radio speaker was crafted by natural walnut wood and blends modern technology with retro classic aesthetics, combines the latest and best digital audio tech with a 1950s retro vibe. We can feel like back into the golden age of music in 1950s, enjoying a soothing moment in today's busy life. With the advanced Bluetooth 4.2 technology, this retro bluetooth speaker could be connected with your smart equipment in less than one second.

Wooden Glass Vase


Hydroponic large rounded walnut glass vase. The only way of bringing a touch of elegance, refinement and propriety to your house.

Wooden Tumbler Ornaments


Made of high quality wood material, the display mold is wear-assistant and not easy to fade. Simple design with the shape of the deer shows a perfect craft in front of you. The design of the tumbler attract everyone's attention!