Visible Blackhead Remover (with 3 suction heads)

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Elevate your skincare routine with our revolutionary Visible Blackhead Remover ( with 3 suction heads), a sophisticated device that brings professional spa treatment to the comfort of your home. Featuring three suction heads, including a gentle food-grade silicone option, our device caters to diverse skin needs, targeting blackheads, and whiteheads, and rejuvenating your complexion. Bid farewell to traditional extraction methods with our adjustable-level vacuum system, ensuring optimal suction power for efficient and hygienic solutions.

Color: White

Light Green
Dark Green
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Elevate your skincare with our Visible Blackhead Remover, featuring 3 suction heads for professional spa treatment at home. Our device targets blackheads and whiteheads, rejuvenating your complexion with a gentle food-grade silicone option. The adjustable-level vacuum system ensures optimal suction for efficient and hygienic solutions.

Experience transformation with a 100W HD pixel camera and 50x magnification. Seamlessly integrate your routine with WIFI and APP connectivity for personalized settings and progress tracking.

Our functional design offers accurate blackhead and whitehead removal, vacuum suction for firming skin, prevention of melanin deposition, and overall complexion enhancement. Crafted with durable ABS, choose from a palette of white, light green, and dark green. With three suction levels at 63-65kpa, our device provides controlled results.

The 350mAh battery ensures uninterrupted skincare, charged via USB cable. Achieve efficient charging in 1.5 hours for 45 minutes of continuous usage. Discover clear, radiant skin effortlessly with the future of skincare!

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White, Light Green, Dark Green